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Our teeth go through a lot throughout the day. Perfectly lined and structured teeth increase the overall look of the face and add to the attraction. What anybody would imagine when they think of a smile is a mouth with perfectly white teeth shinning between the lips. This is why every person related to the entertainment industry makes sure to go to the best dentist making sure they own the perfect heart-winning smile. If you are struggling to find the dentist who can give you all the required treatment, then look no further. Dr George Olstein’s clinic is the best dental clinic one can ever pay a visit to. With over 30 years of experience, Dr Olstein is attending people’s oral problems. He specializes in general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry in Prahran, sleep dentistry and full mouth reconstruction dentistry.  

Easy going atmosphere:  

 We are aware of how stressful dental appointment can be for the people no matter what age group they belong to. We assure the calm, composed and friendly atmosphere for the patients so that they can let the dentist do their job.  

The problem:  

There are several reasons why the problem with teeth may occur, like, for example, the unwanted accident from which the mouth area suffered tremendously, uneven teeth naturally, damaged teeth due to unhealthy and careless attitude towards the night and morning oral routine. There might be other driving forces besides these particulars leading to certain problems with teeth. Here at Dr George ostein’s, we can help patients with every sort of situation with exactly what they are needed not they are not.   

We understand that often teeth related issues are quite painful, and people are afraid to go to the dentist. Our experienced dentists and their assistants assure that the patient is feeling calm from the friendly nature and professional attitude of the staff before his check-ups or surgeries. 

Properly needed treatment:  

Here we take care of the patient as much as possible. Our dental clinic in South Yarra is built to help people not to add to their problems. Our experts give the exact treatment that is required by the patient and nothing extra. We acknowledge that every single person is designed differently by nature so, each of our patients receives the treatment that he requires that is suited only for him. 


We offer all sorts of treatments like scaling, teeth whitening, cosmetic treatment, and of course, if you feel you require full mouth reconstruction then that will also be given. The full mouth reconstruction includes implants, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening cosmetic dentistry, and more.  

You can visit the clinic whenever you feel like. We would feel proud to help you in the best way possible. 

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