The Procedure Of Micro Needling

Famous saying goes as that beauty is not in the face rather it is the light of the heart but that light of the heart is attained only if you are satisfied with your skin or face. No matter if a person agrees or not but there is no second opinion in the fact that society has set certain standard of beauty and everybody is struggling to achieve those standards. Even though each individual is perfect in his own way but there are some things which people  want to change in his body or face for his own personal satisfaction. There is nothing wrong in treating your skin’s scars or face’s pimples because it is like any other deformity that can be treated by the use of some medical procedures. One such procedure is the procedure of micro needling, about which we are going to discuss in this article.

The procedure of micro needling:

Micro needling is the process of injecting collagen pigment in your skin to smoothen the skin. This process is started by making the skin numb which is done by applying andermal fillers Canberra for at least fifty minutes. Then an extremely small size of needle is injected on the area where scars, pimples or any deformed part of the skin has to be treated. This injection is filled with collagen pigment. Collagen pigment is induced in the skin because it reconstructs the broken parts of the skin and stops the wrinkling process as well.

Micro needling is the kind of therapy that is treated by using exterior procedures and is also known as dermal therapy. Micro needling takes about three to four sessions for the whole process to be completed.

The need of micro needling:

One might ask that why the process of best micro needling in Canberra is required. If pimples are continuously popping out of your face and are not being removed even after using every kind of dermatological tested acne removal cream as well then it is the time for you to opt for the process of micro needling. Moreover, if your skin is scarred and you want to remove that scar mark then micro needling is the procedure for you. Wrinkling of the skin is another skin problem from which people want to get rid of, this wrinkling can be reduced by the process of micro needling.


Micro needling is the process of levelling your skin by inducing such injections which are mainly composed of collagen pigment. This collagen pigment levels the deformed or scarred part of the skin. It takes about three to four sessions for the deformed part to be levelled perfectly. This process of micro needling has to be performed once after every two to three weeks. It is recommendable for people who are suffering from continuous acne problems and scar marks. Moreover, wrinkles can also be reduced by the process of micro needling. “Aesthetic harmony” makes sure to provide the service of micro needling in the best way possible.

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