How A Missing Tooth Gets Replaced?

If you have a damaged or a missing tooth, you need to have an artificial one inserted that would work and look like normal teeth. This usually involves having a minor surgery done to get the artificial tooth in place.

How it is done?

The procedure is known as a safe and reliable dental implant. It usually involves a minor surgery whereby dental implants are insertedinto the jawbone. The dental implant acts as the root of the missing teeth. The procedure leads to the jawbone fusing with the metal in the implants which ensures that the implants remain securely attached and do no damage to the bones. The metal cylinder which is placed in the jawbone is called abutment which is a small metal post. After that an artificial tooth or crown is placed on this. This then looks like a natural tooth and performs the same functions.

When tooth insertsare done?

If a patient does not want dentures nor has one or more teeth that are missing the dentist Toorak usually recommends this procedure. When missing teeth are more than one, it becomes difficult to speak. This surgeryis recommended for those who have a jawbone that is well developed and there is sturdy bone structure to support the metal implants. The dentist will also ensure that no health problems exist that might interfere with the bone healing problem. The oral tissues also need to be healthy. The procedure and for the implant to be naturalized in the mouth can take several weeks.

Tooth insertion procedure

In the dental implant procedure, patientsare givenanesthesia, which helps to control the sensation of pain. Usually local anesthesiais given in such procedures. The dental surgeon cuts the gum in the place where the implant needs to be inserted. The dental implant is first inserted and then a temporary denture is placed on top of it. Once the fusion of the jawbone with the implant metal is complete which takes two to six months, the gum is reopened to insert an abutment in it. The abutment once placed, is allowed to heal. Once the operated gum area has healed, impressions are taken to create artificial teeth to be inserted on top of the abutment.Before a person goes in for dental implants, it is advisable that he or she has a detailed discussion on the procedure and what would be involved. The dentist needs to make certain diagnostic tests that would help determine the state of oral health of the individual after which the implant surgery details can be worked out.